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Here we go again! Team Jolokia is launching its annual recruitment programme, continuing to promote diversity! After a long and rewarding season, from the Irish Sea to the Mediterranean, Team Jolokia is coming into port this autumn. Work in the boatyard and crew recruitment for 2015 will be the most important themes for the coming weeks, while
searching for new partners and the launch of our crowdfunding venture on KissKissBankBank are other essential steps in taking the adventure to a new level!

If you believe in diversity and opportunity for all, if you would like to promote our cause and help lead teams that celebrate difference to the best results, don’t hesitate to apply!

Selections are open to all. They consist of a three phases process:
– the online application, (close the 14th of december)
– a one or two days trials, including interviews and assessments of nautical knowledge (beginning of 2015),
– and sea trials onboard the VOR 60 (beginning of 2015)


And don’t forget, we need you KissKissBankBank 😉

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