Hitch for Team Jolokia’s season

The doors just slammed shut for the diversity crew, who will not be able to make it to the mythic Québec Saint-Malo Race, due to technical problems in Team Jolokia’s VOR60. The Quebec Saint Malo will start the 10th of July and is the most physically demanding crewed race of the year.

Yesterday, Jolokia’s VOR60 has been pulled out of the water to enter Marsaudon Composites shipyard, in the submarine base of Lorient. As a matter of fact, the boat reveals an usual fragility at the hull pins attaching the keel in place, something that can put security onboard at stake while navigating. Experts agree: impossible to go on any transatlantic trip! The crew needs to give up the idea of participating in the Québec Saint-Malo crewed race. Sailing is a sport with a strong component of mechanical stress on the materials, making impossible for humans to control all the factors. This news are a hard blow for the diversity crew but this situation does not discourage them. They are now thinking of new challenges, focusing on other sailing events that will take part this summer along the French Atlantic coast. To be continued…



Team Jolokia in Roscoff

All about the Edhec Yatch Race (CCE)

Just like every year at the Edhec Yatch Race in mid-April, Team Jolokia collaborated with Sopra Steria, one of the its main sponsors. A full week of navigations in the area of Roscoff (North Britany, France).

More than 3000 students have attended this 48th edition of the Edhec Yatch Race. Several competitions were organised during the week, and four awards were handed. Parallel to this major events, Sopra Steria raised the awareness of its “Mission Handicap” (related to the integration of disabilities), launching a contest to win trips onboard Team Jolokia’s VOR60. Around 100 students have won their place as Jolokia crew members for a day!

Integrating disabilities: the challenge under the spotlight

Sopra Steria organises every year the Handi’Voile Sailing Challenge, a sailing competition with a simple requirement: each crew needs to be composed of at least one disabled person. About ten teams participated in the race, who were advised by Pierre Meisel, skipper of Team Jolokia. Mission Handicap seeks collaboration between people, making the managers of the future aware of all possible disability situations in companies. These experiences with mixed crews enable students to extend their learning and transfer the skills developed into their future jobs.

Check out the video of Sopra Steria Hadi’Voile Sailing Challenge!

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