Help integrating diversity in companies and other organisations


Since 2014, researchers and experts have been studying Jolokia’s crew and  team management strategies  in order to apply some of their principles within companies.

The objective for Team Jolokia: work alongside companies or public structures to anchor diversity and inclusion in their structures.

Jolokia’s support is based on a unique and concrete method that includes raising awareness of diversity’s benefits, training, role-playing, examination of the results and communication. Thanks to a concrete and exciting experience, and the team’s managerial expertise, Jolokia manages to link theoretical principles with real examples that can be put in place by employees.

One of Jolokia’s goal is that people become aware of what can be done and that they take concrete steps to change their behavior to promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of their companies .

«  This team has proved with courage its ability to manage projects promoting diversity. They also proved that performance and differences can work well together in a human project. TF1, with its label AFNOR is doing its best to make diversity an asset for the company » – Nonce Paolini – CEO for French main TV channel TF1 from 2008 to 2016

« Together, we must fight against stereotypes and images that still influence our style of management. We must not fear differences. Team Jolokia’s real experience will be the base for our work. » says Pierre Ricordeau, general secretary for social ministries, during a speech in front of all the public services of French Region « Ile de France » on the 21st of November 2016.


« Lafarge Holcim teams attended workshops led by Jolokia to develop in-house inclusion. Their goal was to come back with concrete actions to apply on a daily basis in the workplace!
Each program is Taylor made unique and customized, however these types of simulation are not always easy to place inside our programs ».

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