A few words from members of the support committee:

Gonzague de Blignières

President and Patron of Team Jolokia
President of RAISE Investissement
President du comité de surveillance d’Equistone

« Integrating the difference in life is a challenge for the future of the company and for our society. It may be a rocky road but it will be so very profitable for all concerned.
TEAM JOLOKIA brings us the great experience of disparate teams, drawing their strength from diversity. If we support such initiatives in human capital, we will grow together!
My hope is that this approach will bring new keys, a new look, new energy to our common future. I am proud to be part of this epic adventure, helping us grow and live together. »


 Isabelle Autissier, Sailor:
« In our human world, the premier challenge is to live together. If we can respond to this question we will succeed in the twenty-first century. Living together is understanding, adapting to one another, following our consciences in the great global puzzle. Competitors know that the first and most essential component of victory is a tightly-knit crew. Solidarity is a weapon in the service of mankind and it’s what TEAM JOLOKIA is all about. »

Amiral Bernard Rogel, Commander-in-Chief of the French Navy:
« The “Marine nationale” is happy to share TEAM JOLOKIA’s spirit, this lovely human adventure, which puts forth diversity’s strengths, tenacity, and team spirit.
To dare confronting such challenge is already a victory, that of pushing oneself to the limit. To live and succeed together: is that not one of the most ambitious challenges ever faced. »

Franck Bruno, Adventurer :
Noah – the man who gathered the most diverse crew in history – the largest and the smallest, crawlers and runners, hairy and wild aboard his ark… an initiative that saved the inhabitants of the world! As the centuries passed, people became divided among themselves, creating pigeonholes and categories… and woe unto those who would mix them up. TEAM JOLOKIA is the antithesis of that view, a crew where diversity becomes a strength, in whose wake the waves caress the shores of hope and life. Thank you for your commitment, I will always be there to bring whatever I can to the TEAM JOLOKIA bridge!

Jean-Paul Delevoye, Président du Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental (2010 – 2015)
We currently live in a society of norms which holds an inclusion speech whilst installing exclusion mechanisms that look to compensate handicaps rather than developing various potentials. We must learn (again) to hold a positive look upon differences and fragility as a source of personal enrichment and collective solidarity. I admire Team Jolokia’s work. Seduced by its enthusiasm, I am proud to support it.

Knut Frostad, CEO Volvo Ocean Race (2008- 2015)
« Raising self awareness can change the world we live in and there is no better place to do that than on an offshore sailing boat. On land we all have options when things don’t work between us and we can choose to leave rather than facing our differences and live with them. Out in the ocean a crew of different people and personalities have to make it work as there is simply no alternative as long as they want to stay onboard. TEAM JOLOKIA is a great symbol of bringing great personalities with many different backgrounds together and showing everyone that it can be done as long as you have the spirit and motivation. I am very proud to support TEAM JOLOKIA. »

Vincent ParisManaging Director of SOPRA
“Committed to Team Jolokia since November 2012, Sopra is proud of the path we have travelled together. Team spirit, an entrepreneurial outlook, solidarity and adaptability are all values we both share. Beyond the physical challenge, the success of Team Jolokia proves that diversity is an essential element for ensuring the success of an organization. It is with this in mind that, together with the association, we aim to raise awareness among our employees and the many students we meet regularly, especially now, on on the occasion of the EDHEC Cup. “


Nonce Paolini, CEO TF1 (2008 – 2016) 
« The TF1 group and Team Jolokia have been associates since the creation of the latter based on a strong conviction: that everything is possible if you believe in it, if you put in the necessary technological means, and especially if you create the financial and human conditions of collective success. During her last challenge, this team has demonstrated with courage, her ability to manage projects that promote diversity. TF1 is committed with her Foundation and AFNOR label under every aspect, conscious of the fact that she represents the most precious of treasures for France as for a company or business in general. Team Jolokia’s adventure continues, and the TF1 group will naturally be, once again, along her side. »

Patricia Ricard, President of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute:
« It is time to change our vision. Always wanting more than our neighbours is getting us nowhere. Helping others to excel will lead us all towards a better world… a brighter and attainable future!
Team Jolokia is, without doubt, one of the very the first groups to take the plunge. It is with joy and hope that I support the team. »

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