Jolokia does conferences about diversity and inclusion for all types of organisations ( companies, associations, public establishments …) based on its experience and the work of its social and management laboratory.

They’re talking about us:

« Different and powerful, Team Jolokia’s speech was a great addition to our annual conference. The concrete exemples of approaching diversity with actions and people with their capacity to do things, without being excluded, has struck a lot of our participants. Pierre Meisel’s oral presentation was one of the highlights of the conference. Team Jolokia has largely contributed to the success of the event with a well prepared and relevant presentation. » Maurice BECCARI, directeur général FISAF (Novembre 2016)

«  A very unique and questioning approach that is based on everybody’s strength. A powerful presentation that has echoed in the mind of many employees of the CNEPE. I remember specifically one sentence that Pierre Meisel said «  we are all different from somebody ». I try to bear that phrase in mind in my everyday life, at work and outside. » Claire Meunier  – DRH de EDF- CNEPE à Tours

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Two exhibits are also at your available upon request.

One exhibit for adults about diversity

One exhibit with the original aquarel paintings by Guillaume de Bats, author of the graphic novel « Marins d’audace » with paintings illustrating one season onboard Team Jolokia.

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