Running: a need, a desire, a pleasure, a sport… yes, but what if you did it to share the message of an association that you care about? To promote an action, a cause to fight for? Join our running team and wear Jolokia’s colors to raise awareness about diversity! Acting together to make change shouldn’t be just a dream !

What is Team Jolokia?

A unique team in the world of offshore sailing, representing diversity. Bringing together a diverse crew, reflecting the diversity of our society is a way of saying « yes, it’s possible ». Possible to accept one another with what makes us different, to work together with our differences… That is why we gather in Lorient, onboard a 60ft sailing boat, 25 people from different horizons and backgrounds: women, men, handicapped and able bodied, juniors, seniors, French, foreigners, all social categories … Our differences are a strength!


How can you join our running team?

It’s simple! Sign up for our Facebook group or contact us through our Team Jolokia Facebook page by sending us a private message.

We’ll send you a T-shirt to wear when you’re participating to running events. We’ll also ask you to add the name « Team Jolokia » next to yours when enter the events. And that’s it! Join our community and meet up with fellow Team Jolokia runners at events all over France and, with your help, around the world! Post your pictures and comments on this group and don’t hesitate to share with your friends!

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