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How to design and manage a diversity valuable inside and for organizations?


Led by two researchers working on strategic management, Anne-Rysléne ZAOUAL (University of Artois) and Vanessa WARNIER (University of Lille), the Research focuses on the impact of management- within a diversified team -on the performance of an organization. The purpose being to understand how to create this diversity and how to manage it by identifying the good practices of management of diversity in order to apply them to organizations (companies, associations, public institutions, etc.).

This research aims to bring meaning between strategic management and diversity management researches in order to spread good practices concerning strategic management of diversity inside an organization:

– On a strategic level, it helps to illustrate how diversity, when effectively managed, can be a source of innovation and differentiation and more generally of performance for organizations.

– On a managerial level, it deals with the question of the diversity of profiles inside organizations and the difficulties it presents in terms of recruitment, training and job retention.

– Finally, on a social level, it responds to important social issues for the French society in terms of inclusion, accessibility to employment, equality in terms of opportunities or the fighting against any kind of discrimination.

Anne-Ryslène ZAOUAL

Professor at the University of Artois, she teaches strategy, innovation and management. Her researches mainly focus on socially responsible methods to highlight the potential of “non-strategic” resources and the underlying mechanisms of sense making and orchestration.
She published in the French Review of Management, in Sustainable Development and Territories, in the California Management Review (forthcoming), Journal of Regional and Urban Economics (forthcoming).


Professor (HDR) at IAE Lille, she teaches strategy and new business models. Her researches on the constitution of strategic expertise were awarded by the AIMS thesis prize and the FNEGE publication prize in 2006. Her most recent work proposes to renew the perception of resources in organizations. She is also the head at the Valorization and Innovation for Humanities and Social Sciences department at Lille 1 University.
She published in several reviews: Management Decision, MIT Sloan Management Review, French Review of Management, International Management (forthcoming).

Research and publications :

Ecole de Management de Paris - Pierre Meisel
, Directeur de Team Jolokia – « L’efficacité dans la diversité, la preuve par Team Jolokia. »   –  Texte paru dans L’Ecole de Management de Paris

Laurence CORNU - "Diversité dans la diversité"Laurence CORNU – « Diversité dans la diversité », Philosophe, Professeur à l’Université de Tours
Texte paru dans l’ouvrage coordonné par Susana Villavicencio et Georges Navet : Diversité culturelle et figures de l’hétérogénéité, L’harmattan, 2013

Nicolas DUCHAMP – « Le management de la compétence collective » – Mémoire M2 MGBU – IAE LILLE 2014

JESSICA GUILLEMOT - "La diversité"JESSICA GUILLEMOT – « La diversité » – Master 2 Politiques, Sociales, Santé, Solidarité – Parcours Recherche en Intervention Sociale et de Santé à Université Bretagne Sud de Lorient

Joon HYUNG PARK - "Diversity and team performance: a meta-analysis"Joon HYUNG PARK – « Diversity and team performance: a meta-analysis »: A META-ANALYSIS », University of Houston

 Antoine  ALLANIC, Alexis GAUCHER, Lucas TREPOS et  Ludivine WACAILALI - Notion de diversitéAntoine  ALLANIC, Alexis GAUCHER, Lucas TREPOS et  Ludivine WACAILALI – « Notion de diversité » – Université de Bretagne Sud

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