Let’s talk about diversity !

Since the association Team Jolokia was created in 2012, 2000 children have participated in workshops about diversity as part of our school programme.

We meet with classes in their schools and/ or on the boat. Following up with the meeting, some schools have put in place year long programs with Team Jolokia to allow children to think about different themes linked to diversity and the integration of differences as a source of performance.

How to benefit from our experience ?


Team Jolokia can come to your school and help teachers by sharing our ressources. For teachers, it’s a great opportunity to put into perspective the theory with Team Jolokia’s concrete experiences. For children, it’s a chance to participate in hands-on group workshops. Together we explore diversity present in our society with key concepts.

What’s the difference between a prejudice and a stereotype ? How can you fight discrimination? What are the different forms of equality ?

We have created educational material with teachers to talk with children about the following themes: religion and handicaps. These are not yet available in English.

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