Team Jolokia is working to fight all kinds of prejudice. We have been working with new audiences to share our unique experience: psychiatric patients, people with motor or mental disabilities, convicts.

3  pilot programmes:

  • Etablissement Public de Santé Mentale Jean-Martin Charcot (Public hospital for mental health)
  • Centre mutualiste de rééducation de réadaptation fonctionnelles de Kerpape ( Rehabilitation center)
  • Foyer d’accueil médicalisé Rohr Mez (FAM) (Socio-educational association for disabled people)


Actions put in place with Team Jolokia :

  • 25 days of sailing onboard the boat
  • The opportunity to get outside of their comfort zone for a unique experience
  • Crew testimonies, conferences and film screenings directly in the establishments
  • A year long discussion while following the adventures of the team