The Volvo Ocean yacht is designed for extreme conditions in the Volvo Ocean Race, a highly demanding round-the-world competition.

Like a Formula One of the high seas, with spartan comfort, the boat is powerful and demanding, and is also a veritable human laboratory.

Boat Specifications VO’ 60
Design: Laurie Davidson
Construction: Cookson Boats, New Zeland – 2001

Length: 19.5 m
Beam (max): 5.25 m
Max. surface when broad reach: 500 m2
Max. surface when beam reach: 200 m2
Mast: 29 m

The VO’60 Team Jolokia was built for the 2001-02 Volvo Ocean Race, sailing under the name Djuice Dragons.

The boat was re-baptised Team Jolokia in June 2012, and the vessel’s former crew, which sponsors the  mission, is happy and touched by the new life of the VO’60.

“I could not have asked for a better future for this boat!”, Knut Frostad

On board the Djuice Dragons were:
Skipper : Knut Frostad, current director of the Volvo Ocean Race
Shift supervisor : Thomas Coville, current skipper of the Maxi trimaran Sodébo
Navigator : Jean-Yves Bernot, meteorologist and route planner for sailors of the highest level, including Michel Desjoyeaux and Ellen MacArthur.

The VO’60, winner of the Sydney-Hobart stage in its class in 2004 with an all-Australian crew, now flies the colours of diversity !

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