_DSC5869This year, Team Jolokia will sail around the legendary Fastnet lighthouse. Starting on Saturday, June 28, our “crew of diversity” will start the 18th Tour of Ireland along with thirty-five Irish, English and French craft, lining up at the port of Wicklow, to the south of Dublin.

By entering the Round Ireland race, Jolokia has once again raised the bar, showing how difference can be a strength. The longest race of the season promises plenty of difficult challenges — Ireland is renowned  as much for its gale force winds as for the sudden calms that can fall from nowhere along the coast. Four days of racing in tough conditions, with a highly diverse and varied crew, summing up the Team Jolokia motto “Difference is Strength”.

Pierre Meisel, skipper of the VO’60 speaks about the impressive ability of the crew to adapt in such a short time: “We have a highly stable crew, because every team member is deeply involved. On the first few races, we pushed the boat as we never had before, but the Tour of Ireland is another dimension altogether, over eight hundred miles long. The crew will be divided into two watches of six under David and Emmanuel, who must constantly ensure both safety and performance, despite the fatigue.”

Pierre goes on to say, in addition to the vigilance instructions and clearly defined progress targets, that mutual trust and confidence are central. Growth in confidence in the face of obstacles and continued progress are the basis of “Jolokia management.”

“We have come a long way in just four months. The team members have an exceptional desire to get this VO’60 moving, and to show off the alchemy that we have together — the athletic performance is there for the taking. With this amount of energy, along with the work we’ve put in, our efforts are bound to be rewarded.”

The Team Jolokia association, which is always looking for partners to develop its activity, continues its racing season, promoting diversity at home, and now abroad. “We’re, building ways to live together, and the sea is a symbol of that” says Pierre.





Team Jolokia Round Irleland : the Crew

Race website : http://www.roundirelandyachtrace.ie/

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