Inauguration of the exhibition and book signing at the French Social Ministries

From left to right: Guillaume De Bats (author of the book ‘Marins d’Audace’), Pierre Meisel (Director of Team Jolokia), Joël Blondel (DRH), François Barastier (DICOM) and Pierre Ricordeau (General Secretary for the Ministries involved in social affairs).

The French Social Ministries, partners of Team Jolokia, have publicly recognized the work done by Guillaume De Bats, by holding an exhibition with five-teen of his illustrations on the site of the Ministry for Health and Social affairs. The works exposed are issued from his graphic novel ‘Marins d’Audace’ (published by Éditions Marabout) on April this year. On Tuesday 21st of June, the exhibition was officially opened to the public and a book signing was organized in presence of Pierre Ricordeau, General Secretary for the Ministries involved in social affairs, Joël Blondel, HR director and François Barastier, deputy delegate for communications.

Directly from Niort (Poitou-Charentes, France): the school Louis Aragon

Diversity in the heart of the schools

Diversity is a fundamental part of the primary school Louis Aragon, located in Niort, a small city in the region of Poitou-Charentes (France). Each class has learned about one of the different aspects of diversity by exploring topics like: visible and non-visible disabilities, physical impediments, cultural peculiarities, existing religions, etc. The whole school, pupils and professors, have worked on this issues alongside with Team Jolokia. The inclusion classroom of the school even had the chance to attend the Diversity Days organised in Lorient last May.

A wonderful and inspiring example…Read more details about the project carried out in this school, here.

The projects from all classes will be soon published in Team Jolokia’s website.

Conferences at Thàles France

Two dates in June: Wednesday 22nd (Paris) and Thursday 23rd (Brest)


As part of the program for the ‘Quality of Life at work Week’, Pierre Meisel came to present the evidence of the work around diversity management that has been done in Team Jolokia. Two events were set, one in Elancourt (Paris) and another one in Brest. The exhibition about diversity made in Jolokia will stay at the company site during ten days.

Conference at Électricité de France (EDF)

13239928_1304411866255339_4727594048543440820_nTeam Jolokia has given a conference around the topic ‘Performance and diversity’ in the context of the ‘Diversity day’ at the EDF offices in Tours.





2-06072016Retrospective on the works: after having completely emptied the boat, the vessel has been flipped upside down to facilitate the work of the experts in the affected area. The turning manoeuvre was successfully carried out. In about three hours, the process was completed and the boat returned to the hangar. Right now, the deconstruction phase is finished… It is time to reconstruct again!

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